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  • GS-H2S Dual Coil Clearomizer

    GS-H2S Dual Coil Clearomizer

    This is genuine GS product.

    The GS-H2S Dual Heating Coil clearomizer is an advanced version of genuine GS-H2 series. It incorporates replaceable dual heating coil. Spare coils are available in three resistances: 1.8 Ohm, standard 2.0 Ohm, and 2.2 Ohm resistancy.**

    EL-CIGARETTES has tested this product and confirms its highest quality.

  • GS / LSS replacement coils

    GS / LSS replacement coils

    Replacement coils for GreenSound / LSS atomizers. All are genuine products, Packed either in 4-pcs or 5-pcs blisters. Please choose relevant atomizer type from drop down list.

  • CE4 clearomizer [5-pack]

    CE4 clearomizer [5-pack]

    5-pack of CE4+V2 clearomizers - one of most fashionable products for eGo family*

    • Available in 7 colours with either black or colorfull tip [matt]
    • Fits all eGo batteries (eGo-T, eGo-W, eGo-C)
    • Holds 1.6ml of e-liquid
    • Has a screw in mouthpiece which seals around the atomiser, this stops any leakages
    • Gives a good heavy vap
    • Easy to fill. No messes
    • Available also in individual packaging


    On sale!
  • MT3S/T3S base & coils [5-pack]

    Kanger MT3S/T3S base & coil [5-pack]

    Genuine replacement bases & coils for T3S and MT3S / T3S clearomizers made by KangerTech. Standard 2.5 Ohm resistance. Suitable also for MT3 carts after having replaced the base of MT3.

    Yua are getting 5 x base plus 5 x coil.

  • Replacement coils [5-pack]

    Replacement coils [5-pack]

    All replacement coils are available in 5-packs.

    PLEASE NOTE: The coils may come packed in blister or loose in a polybag, also with or without a card box. Also the appearance of packaging may vary.

    Please carefully see/choose the needed coils' type.