e-Cigarette Standards


Currently we offer several different standards of e-cigarette which are not cross-compatible. Below you will find all necessary information to find out all the differences and advantages of all solutions offered.


8.5 mm "classic" e-cigarette


This solution was extremely popular a couple of years ago and many people still use it. It is offered at very affordable and competitive prices. This e-cigarette looks like a “real thing”. The dimensions are the same as for regular king size cigarette. The e-cigarette diameter is 8.5 mm and the length is 95 mm. 130 mAh battery is automatic. This type of e-cigarette uses disposable cartridges which are offered in 40+ flavours and four nicotine strengths (from ZERO to ULTRA HIGH). Each single cartridge stands for 10 real cigarettes. Spare batteries, atomizers and cartridges are available from our webstore.

Starter kits offered: ELC418 (blister packaging), ELC408 (cardbox packaging), ELC402 (two complete e-cigarettes, wall USB adaptor and car USB adaptor included). 100+ different flavour / strength combinations of disposable cartridges are available.


eGo kits


The world’s most popular tank solutions. They use re-fillable tanks or clearomizers instead of disposable cartridges. There are three different battery capacities: 650 mAh, 1100 mAh and 1300 mAh. All batteries are manual with on/off safety feature. See appropriate product descriptions for details. We offer several colour versions of eGo kits. Spare atomizers, cartomizers, batteries and empty tanks can be purchased from our webstore as well as gadgets like different transparent clearomizers, plastic cases and lanyards.

Several twin starter kits are offered each containing two complete e-cigarettes, tanks, cartomizers, USB lead and wall USB adaptor.

Apart from that also blister kits with one complete e-cig and an USB charger can be obtained. They differ from each other with clearomizer type. Please note that eGo battery can be used together with many different clearomizer types. Most popular is CE4. It's followed with rebuildable bottom coil carts like GS-H2 and EVOD. The most outstanding cartomizers are genuine Kanger products: MT3, MT3S and T3S.




These are really professional and solid pieces of equipment. Really huge devices which can fulfill all the needs of demanding user. Replaceable battery cells of a huge capacity are used and also all eGo compatible clearomizer can be utilised with these machines. Two kinds of e-cig Mods are offered: electronic (VMax) and all mechanical (Cigreat). The latter is a great product from professional manufacturer and is protecter by copyright law (patented solution).

Starter kits offered contain one complete mod body, one clearomizer, appropriate battery cells and external battery charger. Please see product description for full details.