About Us

UCATS Ltd - the electronic cigarette specialists company

We started in 2010 as El-Cigarettes Ltd a family business. Having been heavy smokers for 20+ years we knew very well what is all about in smoking and before starting our own business we tested every single e-cigarette in UK ourselves, having known their pros and cons. We managed to drop smoking, having smoked 40+ real cigarettes a day before. Started as a small Amazon business, within a few months El-Cigarettes Ltd managed to gain a big Amazon customers’ credit and became a solid and reliable electronic cigarette supplier.

During 2011 we were notified that Amazon is going to prohibit electronic cigarettes in UK the same way they did a year before in US. A decision was made for El-Cigarettes Ltd to resume its rightful place in the e-cig market and to launch its own website. Here you will experience no nonsense and no fuss, just reliability and quality.

In 2014 El-Cigarettes decided to quit e-cig business and UCATS Limited took over the website leaving its former name.

Our website has a wide range of electronic cigarettes, and these are sourced from the best international suppliers. There are different e-cigarettes to choose from, a wide range of electronic cigarette cartridges and excellent quality e-liquids with plans to introduce more flavour and strength variations in the near future. We have honed the product selection to those we know will provide you with the best quality and performance you rightly demand, including accessories for our e-cigarettes.

  • UCAS Limited
  • Registered in England and Wales. 
  • Registration Number: 8928473. 
  • Registered Office (this is not a correspondence address): 
  • 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, UK

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