The description below refers to ELC400 series electronic cigarette.

Having made the decision to quit cigarettes once and for all I eventually came across e-cigarettes. I have consequently spent a great deal of time researching the market - in particular the health aspects, what the experts say, price, reliability etc. e-Cigarette featured on this website is the cheapest you will come across. There's the age-old saying that you get what you pay for - but having tried this product and studied reviews from more expensive products available, I can say with confidence that you won't find better value for money on market.


e-Cigarette is an electronic device, which imitates a regular cigarette. It consists of three elements:

  1. rechargeable battery
  2. atomiser
  3. disposable refill cartridge

1. rechargeable battery

In fact it is an electronic apparatus containing lithium rechargeable battery and an electronic circuit, all these hidden in a cylindrical cigarette-shaped container. Battery needs to be re-charged. An initial charging time of 3 hours is recommended. After that it takes between one and two hours to charge. One charge will last you the same as about 15-20 cigarettes. Battery's useful life is from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

2. atomizer

Atomizer converts the e-liquid nicotine into a vapour which is inhaled by user. Atomizer is usually a separate element but sometimes is integrated with a nicotine cartridge (see ELC800 e-cig series). The latter solution makes the cigarette more simple but also more expensive. The separate atomiser puts the cost of using e-Cigarettes down. From my experience the atomizer should be replaced every 2-5 weeks or even more often depending on how heavy smoker you are (if you are lucky it will do for 2 months).

3. cartridge

Cartridge is a plastic cylinder (filter tip) containing liquid nicotine plus appropriate flavours and propylene glycol. There is huge variety of cartridge refill flavours and strength. The latter starting from zero (0 mg),  through low (6 mg), medium (12 mg), high (16 mg), up to extra high (24 mg) and ultra high (36 mg). Among the flavours are standard ones like Tobacco, Menthol, Marlboro, Camel, B&H, L&B, Golden Virginia and many non-standard like vanilla, cherry, strawberry, apple, cinnamon, whisky, etc. We do aim to have all of them in stock, especially just the most popular and demanded. However if you are keen of tasting any particular flavour, please, drop us a line (using our contact us section) and we’ll do our best to help. The cartridges we sell are the cheapest and most cost effective on market. Each cartridge is an equivalent to 5-7 real cigarettes (as per consumer reports, although manufacturers claim this is actually 10).

e-smoking tips

e-Cigarette looks like ordinary cigarette and it does taste almost the same, and it feels exactly the same. To maximize the throat hit and to get the best vapour you need to draw slowly (don't worry - the LED will blink to cut off the atomiser after 5 seconds to prevent an overheat).

The battery will eventually not hold its charge. This is a fact that cannot be ignored, regardless of the quality and the price of the product. The drawback of this particular product is that due to the manufacturer making this look like the 'real deal' the resultant battery size means it will go about 15-20 cigarettes before needing recharging. If you want something with a longer burn time, then you will need something that is significantly larger in size (such as the screwdriver). Therefore I recommend that you get yourself an USB wall adaptor and a car adaptor as well. It is a good idea to get a new starter kit each month, discarding the one you bought two months ago, meaning you always have one 'spare' and one current in use at all times. The bonus is that you don't have to wait for it to recharge.