Biggest ever post-Christmas Sale

Great start to the New Year!


Dear Customers! 

For the first time ever EL-CIGARETTES launches the biggest SALE starting on Boxing Day at 5:00 PM. Every day a new unique offer will be featured. All are limited in quantity and time, so grab them as soon as they are available! When they're gone, they're gone.

Look at the special SALE banner at our homepage to see, what's on sale now.





Savings for the Christmas Season

Great start to the New Year!

Dear Customers! 

We would like to give you more opportunities to save money! From now up intil this Sunday (2nd of February) we have an amazing offer for you! Simply use the code: 


to save 10% on all orders over £10! Make the most of the offer and use it up to FIVE TIMES!


El-Cigarettes Team



Savings for the Christmas Season

Great start to the New Year!

Dear Customers! 

This Christmas season, we are giving you a chance to save money on our great products!

After Christmas spending it is time to think about the budget without worrying about the quality! So, to make things easier for you, between today and the 2st of January 2014 you can use the code




to save 20% on all orders over £30! Make the most of the offer and start the New Year with our amazing range of quality e-cigarettes and accessories!

We would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2014!

May all your dreams come true!


The whole El-Cigarettes Team


Preparation and Shipment Delays

Dear Customers!

Due to severe weather conditions in most parts of Europe, the preparation and shipment of a majority of parcels ordered after the 21/03/2013 will be delayed by 3-4 days. We expect all of the affected orders to be ready and shipped by Friday 29th of March


We kindly ask for your understanding and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation might have caused you.


El-Cigarettes Customer Support Team



Only RECORDED Delivery Available at El-Cigarettes

Dear Customers!

As a result of many complaints and disputes we have received in the past few weeks regarding missing and lost parcels we, at El-Cigarettes, have decided that, in order to ensure and strengthen the safety of your purchases, only Royal Mail Recorded Delivery will be available in our store for our UK customers.


The prices of the postage will not change radically. Second Class Recorded Delivery will cost £2.99 and First Class Recorded Delivery - from £3.99 [depending on shipment weight]. The changes will take place from 04/02/2013.


Best Wishes,

El-Cigarettes Customer Support Team


[IMPORTANT] Trading Standards vs. the safety of cartridge packaging


Dear Customers!

Recently El-Cigarettes Ltd found out that the Trading Standards Authorities have some concerns regarding the safety of the e-cigarette cartridges. The question raised was whether they should be sold in child-resistant packaging. As a result, a series of experiments will be carried out by the Public Analyst ("the PA")  to test whether their concerns are valid. The experiments will include a few scenarios in which a child could be put in danger due to the insufficiently safe packaging (e.g. if a child drops the cartridge into a soft drink, is there a chance that the nicotine from inside the cartridge could migrate into the soft drink). We at El-Cigarettes believe that these concerns are reasonable and should be addressed in order to ensure that all of the products in the E-Cigarette market are securely packaged and are not a danger to anyone, especially children.

However, a negative result of the experiments would mean big increases in the cartridge prices for many of our customers
as the current packaging would have to be more removed from the market and replaced by a more sturdy and child-resistant type. We estimate that the new price of a cartridge pack (10 x cartridges) would oscillate at around £1.50-£1.90! Therefore we decided to inform you of what could be coming in the next two to three weeks, so that you can prepare yourselves and your wallets!


Best Wishes,

El-Cigarettes Customer Support Team



Olympic DISCOUNT MADNESS code no. 2!


Dear Customers!

The second Olympic discount code is here! Use GCN2SK at the checkout to get 15% OFF  ELC550 Super Slim Crystal Cigarette and Ego-C Twin Starter Kit.

The code can be used from now until the end of tomorrow (03/08/2012)

To make sure how to claim your discount/voucher code during checkout click here.


Best Wishes,

El-Cigarettes Customer Service Team



Olympic DISCOUNT MADNESS now started!


Dear Customers!

The first Olympic discount code is here! Use LOCCAR0 at the checkout to get 30% OFF E-Cartridges ZERO 0mg and AURORA Twin Starter Kit.

The code can be used from now until the end of the Opening Ceremony of London 2012 Olympic Games. (approximately until 30 minutes past midnight)

To make sure how to claim your discount/voucher code during checkout click here.


Best Wishes,

El-Cigarettes Customer Service Team






To make sure that our customers get the most from the fact that the Olympics Games have arrived in Great Britain we will host a series of DISCOUNT SESSIONS on our website throughout the Olympics. Each discount code will be announced here, on our News page and will last only for up to several hours. All the details like date and duration times will be given with the discount code.

Check our website and news page regularly to make sure you won't miss out on many great opportunities for saving money!

We hope that you will enjoy both the Games and the discounts.

Best Wishes,

El-Cigarettes Customer Service Team


EURO 2012 Final Special


To celebrate the Final of Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine we are offering you a great opportunity to get 15% off your purchase with us! All you have to do is use the code EURO2012 at the checkout between now and the end of the match between Spain and Italy which will commence on the 1st of July at 19:45.


Enjoy the show!


36mg cartridges are back !


Full range of 36mg cartridges is back in stock now.


El-Cigarettes closed for maintenance for 3 days!


Dear Customers,

We are sorry to inform you that El-Cigarettes Ltd will be closed from Thursday the 10th of May to Saturday the 12th of May. What that means to you is that the website will be operating as normal and you will be able to place orders however any orders placed between Thursday and Saturday will be shipped the following Monday the 14th.

We truly apologise for any inconvenience caused.


El-Cigarettes Customer Service Team



Royal Mail drastic price raise from 30 April 2012

Royal Mail have announced their annual stamp price raise. Unfortunately it will affect our offer as 90% of our orders are shipped as PACKET. For this particular service the postage price rises from £1.58 to £2.70 (100 g packet).

Therefore we are forced to introduce new higher postage prices effective from 27 April 2012. 

To compensate the raises in the postage charges as much as possible we are starting to introduce a series of price reductions for a number of our products. We hope this will make this situation a little bit easier for you.


We apologise for any inconvenience.



New cartidge flavours have arrived, order now to test!!!

  • Mint Chocolate
  • Double Mint
  • French Pipe
  • Tobacco Blended
  • Caramel Mocha



The LSK-A Starter Kit (NEW)

The LSK-A Starter Kit also referred to as the "ELIPS" shines in its slim compact design, but don't let hat fool you cause the LSK kicks out some serious vapor.

The LSK is a tank style E-Cig boasting 2 very nice 380mah rechargeable batteries. The LSK has some great built in features like the ability to turn off and on the unit by pressing the fire button 3 time, and also  a nice 1.3 ml tank, and the ergonomics of the LSK are outstanding!

You have to see it and hold it to believe it! but this little unit is so small, slim and compact but yet hits so HARD its amazing. You will love the way the LSK feels in your hands and your mouth, and it is a true pleasure to vape on.

If you  are looking for the most compact and portable, with THE slick'est design ... look no further ... the LSK is the Starter Kit for you!



CARTRIDGES out of stock

Unfortunately some of our cartridges are temporarily out of stock. The new supply is expected around 23rd of February.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.


RUYAN #4 cartridges (24mg)

The new flavour is available now. So far the famous DEKANG Ruyan #4 flavour was available just for tank system holders.


GRAPE new 24mg cartridges

The new flavour is available now.


KIWI and RED BULL new 24mg cartridges

Two new flavours are available now.



ELC GOLD e-liquid 33ml

We are introducing a new 33ml line of our premium e-liquid. Now all standard 30ml bottles will come filled up to the neck which means you will get 33ml for just £5.09. Gradually 30ml e-liquid will be replaced with 33ml.

10ml bottles will be discontinued.




The new version of last world's hit - eGo-W is coming in. Now this is stainless steel version but unlike eGo-T this STAINLESS STEEL is different. It is electroplated - will remind you the quality of cutlery of your grandma. 650mAh battery version is available at the moment.



EU charger versions available now

We hope our European customers will be happy now. All starter kits are now available with EU wall charger, which means you don't need to spend extra money for additional adaptor or substitute charger.